KALITA Girls: Mariko Kuo

KALITA Girls: Mariko Kuo

This week we sit down with Mariko, an inspirational woman who juggles motherhood with her impressive work in the medical industry. And all whilst being a total style icon.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a lawyer working for a biopharma company, content creator and a mama to an almost 5 year old daughter. I’ve always loved juggling all of my passions as they stimulate and inspire me in different ways.  

As a lawyer working at a drug discovery company, I feel I am doing something good to benefit humanity. My content creation work keeps my creative juices going and I have been very fortunate to have been able to work with incredible brands such as Kalita.  

As a mother, I am constantly mesmerised by the way my daughter thinks and it makes we want to strive to be someone she can look up to.


What’s been your most memorable trip to date and why?
Taking my daughter back home to Japan when she was 1 years old.  Because of the jet lag, we were waking up in the middle of the night. The amazing thing is, this meant that we could watch the sunrise every morning from our hotel room.  Seeing my daughter watch the sky turn rainbow over the Tokyo skyline was simply priceless.

Cherry blossom season in Japan


What three words some up your style?
Sophisticated, effortless, timeless.

What's your favourite way to unwind?
Taking a long bath in my bathroom.  We’ve been doing up our home for the last 2 years and my bathroom is my pride and joy.

What is your favourite KALITA piece from this collection and how would you style it from summer to winter?
The Clemence Maxi Dress in Green.  It’s absolutely stunning and so whimsical to wear.  The deep green colour is so flattering on any skin tone too!  For summer, just whip on a pair of gold sandals and you’ll look like a Greek Goddess. In winter, I would wear it with an oversized jumper, preferably off the shoulder.  You’ll look like Carrie Bradshaw lounging in her gorgeous Manhattan apartment.

Mariko Kuo in Kalita Clemence Maxi DressThe Clemence Maxi Dress by  K A L I T A

How does wearing KALITA make you feel – 3 words to sum up the feel of the brand?
Effortless, lux resort living.

Holiday cocktail of choice?
Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.

Last book you read?
The Testaments by Margaret Atwood - the perfect sequel for the Handmaid’s Tale

Go to guilty pleasure?
Being a couch potato, watching a TV series with some Rioja.

Your “dance like no-one's watching” song?
Bob Marley, Robin Schulz - Sun Is Shining.

Which three inspirational women (dead or alive) would you want to have dinner with?
Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth.


Mariko Kuo runs a fashion, travel & lifestyle blog which we live by. You can also follow her on Instagram for travel and style inspiration which you guarantee you will LOVE.

The Brigitte Maxi Dress by  K A L I T A