KALITA On Location with Mark Newton

KALITA On Location with Mark Newton

To shoot our latest collection, we were joined by esteemed photographer Mark Newton on location in South Africa. We shot on 35mm film and produced 4 new KALITA films, showcasing our latest pieces.

During Covid Kalita had time to reflect as to what truly inspired her during her formative years and she went back to the 90s where the ideas for KALITA were originally forming. She would spend hours over Vogue and Harpers Bazaar tearing out inspiring shots.

Mark wrote of the shoot:

I wanted to capture the ethereal nature of KALITA and communicate the natural beauty of the brand.

Kalita wanted to evoke the spirit of 90s campaign where everything was shot on film. So for the shoot, Mark did away with digital as he wanted to replicate that raw feel. He didn't even retouch the images, instead they are just an honest reflection of the model and muse's natural beauty. Add to that the drama of the stunning South African landscape and you have all the ingredients of a KALITA shoot. The appeal of natural beauty and the depth of film is just something you can't replicate with digital.



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Mark Newton is a freelance photographer and videographer based in London and around the World. You can view more of his work online at marknewton.com.