KALITA Supports DIRT - Turning Fashion into a Climate Solution

KALITA Supports DIRT - Turning Fashion into a Climate Solution

At Kalita, we believe that fashion should not only make you look good but also make the planet feel good. That's why we are proud to support DIRT, a remarkable charity with a mission to turn fashion into a climate solution.

DIRT recognises the profound impact of fashion on our environment. Fashion, from the materials it's made of to the way it's produced, plays a significant role in the health of our planet. DIRT focuses on transforming this industry by promoting biodynamic agriculture and soil regeneration. They believe that the very soil fashion materials are grown in can be a powerful solution for combating climate change.

The Story Behind www.DIRT.charity

By working with biodynamic agriculture, DIRT helps to heal the soil and restore biodiversity, which are critical elements in the fight against climate change. Their vision is clear: to grow and process all of fashion's raw materials biodynamically, making the fashion industry a powerful force for positive environmental change.

When you choose Kalita, you're supporting a fashion company that's dedicated to promoting sustainability. Our partnership with DIRT allows us to take a step forward in our mission to create fashion that not only makes you feel beautiful but also makes the world a more beautiful place.

Join us in this journey towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry. Read more about our Sustainability Goals, and find out more about DIRT at www.dirt.charity.

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