KALITA on the Fabric of Love

KALITA on the Fabric of Love

In deference to Mother's Day at KALITA we are wanting to celebrate women and our relationships with one another.

Starting our journey on International Women's Day we're celebrating what keeps us close and what sets us apart. The bond, the strength, and the creativity of women captured in the stories we're sharing. Inspired by individuality, and worn across generations. Styling that changes with your mood and celebrates who you are.


A love without limits...


Sandra, KALITA Business Manager and her daughter, Serena

'' Life with my daughter is like a comedy show with no intermission. From teenage eye rolls to adulting struggles, we tackle it all with sarcasm and a healthy dose of reality. She's my partner in crime, and together, we navigate the chaos of everyday life with a side of witty banter. There's no sugar-coating here – just a mother and daughter keeping it real and rolling with the punches. We may not have it all together, but we sure know how to make the journey hilarious."


Endless love...

KALITA muse Antonia, daughter Arella and cat Yoko.
Antonia and Arella have been touring the world together in KALITA for close to 12 years. “When I was pregnant with Arella, Kalita was not making her amazing dresses yet. But I definitely was wearing bespoke Kalita knickers at the time…” says Antonia.
Today, she lives with her two children in London and works as a personal consultant and business mentor. “I grew up into a ‘proper adult’ wearing KALITA, with Kalita as my friend by my side.” she says. “It is incredibly special to see my daughter wearing KALITA now, too.” Arella wore her first one-off KALITA jumpsuit to the designer’s 40th birthday party at the River Cafe. She wants to be a doctor, not a designer, but is no less excited for the clothes.

“We grow, we learn, we flow - as daughters, as mothers, as women - and as friends,” says Antonia: “we flow just like Kalita’s clothes”.
A journey of love, laughter and learning...
Melinda Stevens with niece Chloe Delevingne
'I remember when she was born!' says Melinda Stevens, about her niece Chloe Delevingne, 'I was 11 years old and cried so hard I had to climb into a cupboard to calm down.'  Writer, Editor and Founder of creative agency Salt Lick Melinda says,  'I remember her being just this perfect little egg. I would hold her as much as I could.  Later, I would take her to her first dance.  Since then, there's been many exceptionally giggly days and wild nights. Both of us have a relatively simple style that includes easy, clever, barefoot glamour which Kalita's clothes are perfect for. ' Chloe, an advocate for LadyGarden and co-founder of prosecco brand Della Vite, loves KALITA for its 'coolness and ease.  Fab for a nighttime beach party as much as simple summer days looking for ammonites on the beach in Dorset.'  "We have 5 children between us now,' says Melinda, 'and they all tumble about together whatever the age difference. As time goes on, there is so much pleasure to be had from the evolving dynamic of families.  But for sure, there is something infinitely fun about nieces.'
The love story that never ends...
Annouchka and her daughter Carmen
Beautiful @nushgems evolving into @souloasishealth later this year with her beautiful daughter Carmen in Notting Hill London. As a jewellery designer it was Annouchka’s passion for unique and expressive designs that led her to create these bespoke necklaces for each of her children.
How it all began...
Kalita and her mother Spindrift