Bespoke Service


Love a KALITA style or colour but can't find it here? Looking to find an archived KALITA piece? Please contact and she will try and locate one for you from our vault, or via one of our stockists. 


The Bespoke Service

Those who are looking for a unique garment in their desired colour shade can choose our BESPOKE experience - we will work alongside you to craft the perfect KALITA piece.


Bespoke 3 Step Process


1. Choose a silhouette from our current collections, or from the archive.

2. Choose a colour from current or previous collections, or you can try our colour match service, where you can choose any colour in the rainbow.

3. Choose a size we can help find the correct size for you as part of the consultation process. Other alterations are also possible to get that perfect fit.


For further information please get in touch: 

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Watch our Bali Team designing and manufacturing our bespoke pieces


The Bespoke Gallery

These are just some of the wonderful pieces that we have made for the Kalita Family.